Regular Checkups and its Importance

“Should I go to the hospital for a checkup? Why?”

“Yes absolutely! You should go to the hospital at least once a year to check your vitals”

“God forbid! I can never go to the hospital when I’m not sick or pregnant”

The ongoing conversations in many households in Nigeria regarding health checkups are like the one above. Most people believe that a hospital is only a place for the sick, pregnant or those in emergency situations from accidents, injuries etc.

While there’s some truth in this, medical research shows that the reason why the hospital is filled up with people is that they were either too late to spot a troublesome symptom or they ignored it till it blew over and became a medical crisis.

Early detection in today’s world has become the key to living a healthier life. It is ironic that the best way to “stay away” from the hospital is to go to the hospital before you even think you need to.

Here are 3 reasons why Medical Checkups are super important to your health and vitality:

A) Saves you from medical costs in the long run: Most diseases can be prevented or ailed quickly with early detection. Instead of clearing out your savings account for emergency surgery, a medical checkup can help you detect potentially wrong signals on time – helping you spend less and live healthier.

B) Reduces your risk of getting sick: As mentioned in the first point, once you can spot an ailment on time, you have a better chance of controlling it before it gets worse.

Sometimes, we don’t even know when our body is undergoing wear and tear as long as we feel good and can perform our daily work. Then one day, one finds it hard to pee or wake up from bed and the doctor says it’s a kidney stone. None of us wants that to happen and one of the best ways to prevent it is through medical checkups. See your doctor early, so you don’t have to see him later.

C) Prevents Self-Medication and Improves Performance: We know every Nigerian takes either Panadol or Anti-malaria at the slightest bit of fever or drowsiness. But what if the issue is neither any of these common diseases?

Regular checkups can help you maintain your health for a longer period of time and also help you understand your body better. So the next time you have trouble sleeping, for instance, you know maybe it’s your sugar level that’s the causation and not the mosquito that bit you the night before. Now you have the right information to address the issue head-on and carry on living your best life.

Health checks can range from

  • Diabetes Test example blood sugar, cholesterol level etc.
  • Heart Tests example Blood pressure, Obesity tests etc.
  • Bowel cancer tests
  • Eye conditions, Dental conditions and Skin conditions test
  • Breast cancer, cervical cancer, STI screening etc.
  • Prostate cancer, sperm count etc.

This blog is a perfect reminder you need to schedule an appointment with a doctor and perform a necessary health check. Health is wealth and you can build or maintain it by investing in regular checkups for yourself and your loved ones.