Consultant Internal Medicine Physician

The consultant has both clinical and administrative responsibilities at R-Jolad. The consultant must be a specialist in the medical field. The Consultant is expected to lead the development and enhancement of their respective department within the R-Jolad system at all locations and drive improvements in clinical service delivery, education and training in accordance with the vision of R-Jolad.

Core Working Relationships/Key Stakeholders

Internal · Medical director, doctors including consultants and medical officers, Nurses, pharmacists, clinical administration team, front desk officers, patient care representatives, lab and pharmacy personnel, HSE team, COO, CEO and HR

External Patients, locums consultants

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for clinical education in the department and support outmanship and residency programmes. The consultant must help drive the training of junior staff and maintain oversight of clinical standards to ensure international guidelines and standards are met.
  2. Oversight of department clinical lectures for Learning Fridays and review of M&M cases for presentation
  3. Assistance in recruiting doctors and review of the monthly departmental schedules prepared by the patient care experience team
  4. Prepare an addendum, report or note as a departmental response documenting changes or responses effected following identified M&M cases or bad outcomes and the outcome of clinical investigations. In cases where the consultant was the managing consultant in an M&M case, the HOD should designate a colleague of equal stature to review the case in their stead.
  5. Make requisition as needed for equipment and supplies through appropriate channels using R-Jolad supplies and procurement ·
  6. Responsible for achieving benchmarks set for productivity and patient volume
  7. Responsible for chart audits within the department of junior staff · May be required to stand in for the HOD as needed

Clinical Responsibilities

  1. Remain up to date on standard clinical practice in the relevant speciality
  2. Lead grief and bereavement outreach to patients and families who experience bad outcomes such as significant morbidity or death. Feedback to the medical director is expected within one week of such outreach. In cases where the consultant is not available to lead this function, can be delegated to another physician within the department.
  3. Be present for M&M presentations featuring cases from their department
  4. Review and approve relevant medical reports regarding significant outcomes prior to submission to the medical director and management
  5. Responsible for weekly ward rounds and specialist consultation clinics in the GOPD

Key Skills

  1. Good time management and punctuality
  2. The ability to build a rapport with patients from a variety of backgrounds and communicate with their relatives and caregivers
  3. Tolerance and patience
  4. Good physical health
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. A team player with a positive mindset


These are to be submitted to the HOD or medical director as applicable:

  1. Summary report after grief and bereavement counselling within the department within one week of occurrence
  2. Reviewed medical summary report following a contested death or outcome no more than seven days after its occurrence. This can be written by the managing consultant or a designee but must be reviewed by the HOD
  3. Report of weekly review of documentation on the first Thursday of the following month referencing the preceding month
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Lagos

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