Patient Experience Manager

This position is primarily responsible for the provision of a high-quality, individualized service to patients and addresses all patient concerns or special needs that may arise before, during, and after treatment at the hospital. The role manages the implementation of a patient experience strategy that supports the hospital’s patient-centric culture. It also oversees initiatives and projects to nurture and support this culture across clinical and administrative functions. In doing this, the Patient Experience Manager plays a vital link between case management and ensuring patients get the right support at the right time

Internal on-site · Doctors, Nurses (Triage & Emergency), Pharmacists, Specialists, Billing & Finance Officers etc. External · Patients and relatives, HMOs, Corporate Clients

1st Reporting Line Executive Director, Operations

2nd Reporting Line Managing Directo


  1. Designs a minimum behavioural standard for all front desk personnel and monitors its execution.
  2. Designs processes to ensure pre-shift meetings hold at all front desk departments across all locations and follow us with all necessary feedback. ·
  3. Ensures adequate staff coverage in readiness for the day’s work in all the patient’s touchpoints.
  4. Designs and monitors appointment bookings system to ensure a smooth flow of appointments and patient satisfaction.
  5. Maintains a serene, conducive and organized ambience around the reception and all touchpoints.
  6. Ensure that all front desk personnel are trained to display empathy and understanding in the management of patients and relatives.
  7. Inducts and trains all new intakes for the front desk unit. · Monitors and ensures the front desk personnel comply with the hospital’s stated policies and our patient-centric culture.
  8. Effects periodic training and orientation for all front desk personnel across all R-Jolad locations · Monitors front desk staff performance, facilitate improvements and recommends changes as appropriate.
  9. Ensures that patients’ confidentiality is maintained among the team and with the clinicians, especially while handling case management processes.
  10. Coordinates the staff to always ensure prompt service to the patients with friendly and welcoming dispositions · Reviews daily performance reports including end-of-shift reports
  11. Monitors waiting times of patients and finds ways to reduce our stated TAT. · Executes other tasks assigned by the Executive Director, Operations or Managing Director.


  1. Understanding of the retail customer service function and environment.
  2. Knowledge of the hospital environment is an added advantage though not required.
  3. Leadership Skills – Ability to influence others to perform their jobs effectively and to be responsible for making decisions.
  4. Ability to work in a fast-paced hospital environment.
  5. Empathy
  6. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  7. Good communication skills – Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  8. Computer Skills – Tech savvy with computers, EMR systems, other third-party solutions & Microsoft office tools.
  9. Confidentiality – Maintain patient, team member and employer confidentiality.
  10. Customer Service Oriented – friendly, cheerful and helpful to patients and others
  11. Ability to meet patients’ and others’ needs while following office policies and procedures.
  12. Flexibility – Ability to adapt easily to changing conditions and work responsibilities, open and able to work in multi-location environments · Good time management and punctuality
  13. Ability to maintain a balance of Tolerance and patience
  14. A team player with a positive mindset
  15. Good Relationship Management skills
  16. Ability to innovate and assist in the building of new value-adding platforms


  1. Coordinates submission of daily reports on the management of the hospital
  2. Monthly data report on the unit

Work Environment

  1. Fast-paced environment with occasional high-pressure or emergent situations
  2. Work hours subject to office needs to ensure coverage during all hours of operation
  3. Frequent interaction with a diverse population including team members, providers, patients, insurance companies and other members of the public

Physical Demand

  1. Frequent sitting, standing, walking and speaking
  2. Occasional reaching, bending and stooping,
  3. Frequent use of computer, keyboard and phone

Qualifications &


  1. Minimum of 5-8 years’ experience in retail banking and telecom operations.
  2. Bachelors or Master’s in a business-oriented, or any medical science field.
  3. Demonstrated Leadership skills
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Lagos

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