We Offer Fast & Reliable Medical & HealthCare Solutions to Our Patients

R-Jolad Hospital is an institution dedicated to the glory of the Almighty God. We believe that one of the best ways to show our love to God is by serving mankind. This is what we do at R-Jolad Hospital.

Over the years R-Jolad has helped to instill confidence in the average Nigerian citizen by providing affordable and quality services. In almost 3 decades, our client base has been steadily increasing. The culture of excellence being built over the years, and our continual efforts to developing our Human Resources are some of the core strengths of the hospital.

Our Immunization Clinic offers:

  • 1. Infant welfare clinic / care
  • 2. Regular weight / height check
  • 3. Childhood / Adult Vaccination
  • 4. Health talks / Counseling to mothers featuring:
    • - Care of the newborn
    • - Importance of immunization
    • - Exclusive breastfeeding and its advantages
    • - Care of the cord and lots more
  • 5. Vaccines
  • - Types of Vaccines available include:
  • Vaccine Usage Administration
    BCG Protects against Tuberculosis Once
    OPV Protects against polio virus 4 times then booster doses
    DTP Protects against Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertusis 3 times then booster doses
    Hepatitis B Protects against Hepatitis B virus Adult 3 times, Pediatric 4 times
    HIB Protects against childhood pneumonia, meningitis 3 times (Haemophillus Influenza type B)
    Rotavirus Protects against severe Diarrhoea & Vomitting Twice
    Measles Protects against Measles infection Once then a Booster dose
    Yellow Fever Protects aganist Yellow fever Once every 10 years
    MMR Protects against Measles (Booster), Mumps & Rubella Viruses Twice
    Chicken Pox Protects against Varicella virus Children Once, Adult twice
    Typhoid Fever Protects against Typhoid fever Once every 3years
    Meningococcal Meningitis Protects against A, C, W, Y Strains of Neisserra Meningitis Once every 3 years/td>
    Cervarix Vaccine Protects women against Cancer of the Cervix 3 times

Clinic Days: - Mondays - Fridays (8am -2pm)

All immunizations are given daily except: Measles, Yellow Fever (Wed 8am - 10am) and BCG (Fridays 8am - 10am) only.